As Realtors we run into sellers that just have a problem facing reality. This article from the US News and World Report via Yahoo does a good job identifying some of the common mistakes sellers make. 



Home sales in the metro are now in positive territory as compared to 2012. Supply and demand continues to move toward a balanced market, but not all price ranges are getting into the act. 



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I met Gary Smith back in 2003. Gary owned Gary Smith Real Estate one of the largest independent real estate brokerages in the area. Gary's company was one of the first companies to have it's own real estate publication. Gary was a friendly competitor and just a great guy. We will miss Gary. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.



This morning I read an article in Inman News about how other housing markets are heating up. Here in the Metro Jackson Area inventories are lower, as of the end of March the Jackson Multiple Listing Service showed inventories at about 8.44 months supply. That's better, but not the red hot market of years ago when inventories were below 3 months supply. Read more about what other markets are saying.......

Going paperless is a big step for any type of business, and it can rarely be achieved in one step. But within the Real Estate world new technologies are making it easier for forward thinking companies to do so. ERA Real Estate Professionals is one local company moving to what it calls the second generation of paperless technology for its clients. The benefit for clients is huge, especially when clients are on the go and difficult to reach. With real estate heating up, buyers don't have as much time to decide on a hot property. Hiring an agent with this technology can be the difference between getting a property under contract or losing it all together.

Most real estate companies in the Jackson Mississippi area have access to online documents. But few can produce an offer, negotiate the offer, and store all versions of the offer paperless for seven years.

For more information call Mark Warren at ERA Real Estate Professionals 601-956-2222



Jackson Mississippi's housing market continues to show modest improvement. We are beginning to see multiple offers in some areas which is a good sign. Inventory levels still lean toward a buyer's market with over 8 months supply in most areas. In markets with under 6 months inventory sellers are considered having the edge. New construction is heating up in both Madison and Rankin counties. Some builders are reporting an increase in lumber prices, especially decking. If this holds true builders will be forced to raised prices and this in turn will push housing prices up. Here is February's Market Report.     

Concerning the S&P down grade, Washington just doesn't get it. The S&P downgrade is more about confidence in our government than the number. Although the number is important, the issue is confidence. S&P doesn't believe Washington can work together to bring our budget under control, so therefore the downgrade.

It is like a story about a builder I heard a couple of years ago. At the time, banks were beginning to cut back on construction loans to residential builders. As the story goes, a builder went to his long time bank to get a construction loan to start building fifteen more homes. This was a fairly common practice for the builder.  The banker knowing the forecast for the economy didn't look good said, we might finance five homes but not fifteen. The builder said OK and left. A few days later the builder returned to the bank. He told the banker that he wanted to finance the five homes they had talked about a couple of days earlier. He said he met with two other banks and each had agreed to finance five homes. He said, with your financing five that makes my fifteen homes. The banker looked at the builder in astonishment and asked, didn't you understand what I was saying the other day? The builder looked perplexed as the banker turned his loan request down. Washington like the builder doesn't understand. Let's hope events like the S&P downgrade will get the message through!  

The founder of a website helping people to sell their own homes has found a buyer for his own apartment – with the help of a traditional real estate broker. creator Colby Sambrotto even paid the standard 6% commission after selling his two-bedroom New York condo for $2.15 million.

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